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    Welcome to Bexcon B.V.

    Our professional services are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We have the infrastructure and flexibility

    to handle our customers’ bulk liquid storage needs safely and in an environmentally responsible manner



Bexcon B.V. is dedicated to complying with all applicable laws in the various Countries where we operate and as well not compromising our Company policies. Our Business Code of Conduct represents our dedication to integrity and transparency. We distinguish ourselves with industry leading execution and our steadfast emphasis on ethics.
At the mid 2006 Bexcon B.V. management made ​​a strategic decision to enter the market of bunkering Rotterdam as well as the Baltic states, and Russia in connection with the intensive development of river and sea shipping and marine growth in demand for fuel in the region. In 2007 our company started its bunkering activities in the port of Rotterdam and in the port and on the roads, using its own ship bunkering vessel with deadweight of 1500 tons. In addition, Partner companies provide services bunkering in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. In 2009, we expanded and acquired the means for bunkering in Houston (capacity - 2.1 thousand tons at the same time).
In Port of Rotterdam we operate currently the fleet in the that includes two oil-carriers / bunkering vessel - m / v Marina Angel "DWT 2541 ton, m / v" Marina Breeze "DWT 3008 tons and ship bunkering "Marina Tide" DWT 1621 ton currently purchased oil storage consists of: fleet 3 tank tanks 700 m3 each, 2 100 m3 total; - station for the release of oil from 6 railway tank-Cars are; - boiler plant 4.5 tons / h of steam; - station for loading road tankers; -. park tanker trucks of high performance tools for bunkering. Group Rotterdam is expected to expand significantly in the near future due to the construction of a new bunkering terminal, which is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2015. This development will increase the supply of bunker fuel several times.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide affordable high quality storage at key locations to support your business. You have a strong, forward-thinking ally in the quest to operate profitably and successfully when you partner with Bexcon B.V..

The drive

We will always achieve excellence by safely, efficiently and effectively storing and handling our customers' products in a manner that meets or exceeds all stakeholder expectations.


Prevent pollution and minimise adverse impacts on the environment. Conduct risk assessments and implement effective controls to mitigate those risks to prevent injuries, accidents and work-related ill health.

staff role

We will implement the correct systems and training to ensure that we are effective and safe at work, we believe the unity of one yeilds the strenght of many. The role of every employee is vital for optimum service input.

our service

Our professional services are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We have the infrastructure and flexibility to handle our customers’ bulk liquid storage needs safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. We enhance customer efficiency by integrating our services seamlessly into their supply chains.
Bexcon B.V. is licensed to provide ecological services for collection, transportation, utilization, disposal and recycling of hazardous wastes. Bexcon B.V. service area covers the waters of the Neva river and the Gulf of Finland, Port of St. Rotterdam and starting from the second half of 2016 - Port of Houston.
Bexcon B.V., providing integrated ecological services operates specially equipped wastes collection vessels of ship-generated garbage, sewage, bilge waters and solid wastes. Port of Rotterdam has its own liquid oily wastes recycling facility GOS-1. The wastes can be delivered both by vessels and trucks. The GOS-1 facility can recycle various chemical/liquid wastes.
The Company provides ecological services at competitive rates and guarantees the quality of work.

Storage services

Facility for storage of wide range
of petrochemical products

Tank Constructions

Construction of various kinds
and sizes of storage tanks

Shipping & Logistics

Transportation via vessel,
road trucks and rail cars

Diverse blending

In-line/In-tank blending services
avaliable on demand

Dry Warehousing

Ambient facilities with highly-customizable
services for various goods and processes.

Customized services

Adittional services avaliable to all
our customers upon request.

Work and Careers

We are committed to the wellbeing of our crews and employees, and to promoting a corporate culture that values high ethical standards, a safe and healthy workplace and respect for the environment.

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Bexcon B.V. evaluates her portfolio of vessels to ensure the safe transportation of liquid and gas petrochemicals for our customer base in line with strategy and tradition. This enables delivering projects in harsh and challenging environments with a highly capable and versatile fleet.
Bexcon B.V. offshore operations are managed, crewed and operated by some of the most experienced onshore and offshore marine and construction personnel in the industry. We have the flexibility to respond quickly and sensitively to client demands, leveraging the full strength of our global resources and know-how.
We have a fleet of highly capable and versatile vessels. These enable us to operate in all major offshore oil and gas producing regions worldwide. Some of our fleets below.

Our Fleet



Our Fleet


MT KENDRA - 1996

Our Fleet



Our Fleets


BIG BONNY - 1994

Our Fleets



Our Fleets


MT BIGMAX - 1998

Our Fleets


MT Voyageur - 2011

Our Fleets




news updates

Bexcon B.V. periodically reports about its activities like financial performance and results achieved in the area of sustainability. In our calender you will find the dates of scheduled publications and presentations.

14th June 2016 7 4  

Bexcon B.V. Acquires New Ice Breaker, Rescue & Supply Vessel

Bexcon B.V. has ordered two all-weather pilot boats and one ice breaker to serve as search, rescue, oil spill recovery and supply vessels.

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5th May 2016 4 1  

Bexcon B.V. Expands; New Storage Facility

Bexcon B.V. begins construction on her new storage termianl in the northern region of Russia.
The farm with a proposed storage capacity of about 6 million tons of liquid petrochemical products. Operations scheduled to begin in Nov, 2016

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06th jan 2016 11 5  


The 2015 batch of the Bexcon B.V. NEBOSH/OSHA staff traning program has just been completed, the newly certified candidates are rejuvenated, energized and happy to return to their duties with newly obtained safety and health information in work related environments

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